Making It Happen

Do you remember what you were doing around 7pm on August 25? Chances are you were at the Cary Street Gym. Recreational Sports held its annual “Rec Sports Night” and welcomed a crowd of eager students, alumni, and faculty into the facility. A record number of people walked through the doors of the newly renovated Cary Street Gym motivated for a year of good workouts and a free t-shirt.

“This is incredible,” says Whitney Farrior, a sophomore transfer student from JMU. “We had a nice gym at JMU but nothing compares to this.” Like Whitney, many students had never seen the gym before.

Though events highlighting all areas of the gym were  planned, including facility tours, inner-tube water polo, a “dive-in movie,” a 3 point contest, and continuous group exercise classes, most students were interested in the free t-shirt giveaway. Rec Sports’ new “Make It Happen” t-shirts were such a hit, students began lining up 20 minutes prior to the giveaway. “We’ve never had a line like this before,” says Marketing Coordinator Connie Kottmann, looking at the students in awe. “This is crazy!”

The giveaway continued throughout the night along with planned programs and open recreation for all members to enjoy. Attendance records were shattered and more people attended group exercise classes than ever before. This was a night for the books.


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