Rec Sports Employee Profile: Tasha Dixon

Name: Tasha Dixon
Position: Membership Sales Assistant, Facility Attendant

Tasha Dixon is a 21 year old, junior Criminal Justice major at VCU. She has been working for Recreational Sports for just over six months. She says she began working for Rec Sports because “it seemed like a fun place to work, everyone seemed happy all of the time,” and she wanted a job close to campus. “I wanted to find somewhere to work that would be convenient for me to commute to with a fun atmosphere,” Tasha says. “So when I heard Rec Sports was hiring, I knew this was the place for me.”

Tasha says that her favorite part of working for Rec Sports is the people she works with. She goes on to say, “I love my co-workers and I love working at a place that motivates me to work out.”

In her spare time, Tasha enjoys hanging out with friends, doing outdoor activities, and playing racquetball.  She says after she graduates, “I hope to be a crime scene investigator, move to California, start my life and be happy.”

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