The Freshman Perspective

Every year, VCU welcomes thousands of new students to campus. Welcome Week, a week-long event showcasing what VCU has to offer, lets students explore all aspects of campus life. On August 25, Welcome Week kicked off with “Rec Sports Night” at the Cary Street Gym. Eager to check out the new facilities, freshmen and new members flooded the gym in hopes of receiving a “Make It Happen” t-shirt, a good workout, and a chance to participate in continuous group exercise classes.

Like many students, faculty, and alumni who had experienced the gym before, freshmen were amazed at the architecture and beauty of the new Cary Street Gym. “I really like this gym. It is really incredible; much nicer than any gym at home,” said freshman Sara Weaver.

Aside from working out, students have found use of the facilities to hang out and kill time between classes. “I love this gym,” said freshman McKinsey Bullock. “It’s my favorite place to be on campus.”

A common favorite amongst most students, the availability and variety of group exercise classes as well as the thrill of participating in intramural sports help in staying active. Bullock continues, “There is such a variety of classes, I can always fit one in my daily schedule. I love this gym.”

If you are interested in group exercise classes or intramurals, please visit our website for more information.


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