The LEEDer On Campus

Upon entrance to the Cary Street Gym, have you ever stopped to read the tiled “VCU Goes Green” plaques? Probably not. Little do most people know, the Cary Street Gym is littered with environmentally friendly products and resources. And this isn’t a recent development. From conception, the facility has been manufactured to become one of the leaders in green architecture not only in Virginia, but throughout the United States.

Here are the facts:

– VCU’s Director of Recreational Sports, Tom Deihl, is a member of the sustainability committee at VCU.

– The Cary Street Gym is LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Certified. The paints, coatings, carpet, and composite wood materials are low emission products.

– A quarter of materials used for the gym were post and pre-consumer recycled products. This not only conserves resources, but helps keep such valuable products our of landfills.

– The Cary Street Gym conserves over 1.3 million gallons of water annually due to our state-of-the-art “duel flushing” plumbing system.

– 20% of the materials used to build the gym were manufactured regionally (within 500 miles). This saves from transportation emissions and regionally based runoff.

– We host two 6,000 gallon cisterns to collect rainwater for later use throughout the facility.

– VCU has purchased green power amounting to 35% of power consumed by the Cary Street Gym over the first two years of operation.

– Over 90% of the waste created during construction was sent to recycling instead of landfills.

– More than 70 % of the wood used in the building is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

– Recreational Sports and VCU work together with GRTC to cut fuel emissions by offering alternative means of transportation such as a local bus stop in front of the gym and multiple bike racks.

– Products used to clean the facility are carefully hand selected to ensure low emissions and less of a chance of harmful runoff.

– Over 151,000 feet of open space has been designated at VCU Inger and Walter Rice Center for Environmental Sciences. This is over two times the size of the Cary Street Gym.

So the next time you visit the Cary Street Gym, be sure to stop in the entrance and read about your facility. Its remarkable, innovative, and a true testament to the commitment by VCU to sustainability in our future.


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